Rogue Royalty

You've probably read it before…how an individual loved dogs so much that he or she  started a company selling pet products or how passionate they were about animals so they opened up a web store. There's nothing wrong with all of that however at Rogue Royalty our cause went deeper and wider.

Our aim was to spark a brand movement to raise awareness and provide an alternative to cheap and nasty quality dressed up as premium grade quality. Be it equipment, grooming products or nutrition. We expose and provide insight into pet industry areas that lack ethics, quality and sustainability. And we don't just complain, we get out there and provide REAL solutions. From the outset we aimed to provide dog owners with a choice of specialised products designed around THEIR needs, comfort and safety. Whilst many pet products use fancy marketing, visuals the "cute" factor or swish packaging, they often lack what matters most in a product. Quality, ethics and sustainability.

Far too many products in the pet industry are produced cheaply and sold with enormous profit margins that benefit the business owners, not the dog owners. You don't like a throw away society? We build products that last..(when did you last see a range that comes with a LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE?)
You don't like using toxic chemicals that aren't healthy for your dog or environment? We produce our own range of ALL NATURAL shampoo and skin care products. You don't like feeding your dog artificial junk food? We produce our own range of ALL NATURAL treats and RAW range of natural preservative free real food.

So welcome to the world of Rogue Royalty. A world where we put our canine family first, a world where we extend our love beyond dogs into love for the earth, environmental consciousness, sustainability, ethics and good old fashioned built to last quality. We're off beat, we think and do things differently…in fact, we do things a LOT differently. We aim to produce the finest quality products possible. We're not a business, we're a movement for improvement, we push boundaries and challenge the way people have been conditioned in their approach to canine husbandry and health.

"The Hound for Devotion, Vigilance and Loyalty
The Horse for Grace, Strength and the Spirit to Roam Free
The Shield for Protection of Evils of All Kind
The Crown for Nobility in Action and Mind"

Our logo reflects the core set of beliefs and principles that we our brand was founded on, watch the video for the meaning of the Rogue Royalty logo...