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Fully functional training aid. Excellent control with LESS FORCE and less HARSHNESS.Quality craftsmanship and stunning quality for your dog with a genuine brass slip chain. These are NOT choker chains, the correct usage of this chain is a swifter, cleaner stimulus with LESS FORCE. The Slip Chain is designed for a smooth round finish with a fur saver style it's not only extremely effective and functional it looks amazing when worn and is very eye catching.

Please note that your dog should always be supervised when wearing any type of training aid.

This is a non-rust pure brass chain. Being genuine brass and non-plated it has no residue effect on your dog therefore no oxide coating or chemical coating leech into the skin. This quality brass correction chain is heavy gauge linked, yet smooth and is perfect for general purpose use,dog training and correction. Available in lengths from 40cm through to 80cm.


  • Instant control
  • Highly effective training
  • Suitable for any dog however VERY EFFECTIVE for large powerful breeds
  • Provides a different more accurate re-direction stimulus than choker chains
  • Does not damage hair
  • Does not pinch skin
  • NO strength required, the slip chain does all the work!

See our videos below. WARNING: Some video is raw footage and is unstaged and unscripted so it's REAL.

Please always consult with a professional dog trainer if you don't know how to use training aids.